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Why we love Merchant & Mills

There is something really special about the packaging of Merchant & Mills products.

Maybe it takes us back to our childhood and visiting haberdashery stores and departments or maybe it's because they are so tactile. Who doesn't love the wonder of opening up a little box to get to the wonderful things inside.

Each item or group of items arrives wrapped in white paper.

Opening up my order is like Christmas, birthday and every gift occasion rolled into one.

I know what's in the box because I ordered it and it's on the delivery note. But until you unwrap each parcel you don't know exactly what you have.

On a serious side, wrapping each item or group of items this way ensures that they don't get damaged. I want you to receive them in just the same fantastic state as when they left Merchant & Mills. This way I know that they get to me in perfect condition and will then be perfect for you

You can see below the unwrapping and unboxing of a Merchant and Mills scissor wrap.

Now you can see why we love Merchant & Mills

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