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Why do I do this to myself?

It's October, weekend Three. I'm tired but happy.

This month, so far I've:

  • Taught our lacemaking class at Rothwell Bobbins

  • Given a talk on Japanese braiding and been a supplier at Albans Lace Group

  • been a supplier at Burwell lace day

  • Just got back from being a supplier at the last Pudsey Lace Fair

And I still have the ISIS lace day to go next weekend as a supplier.

I am soooo tired but I'm also sooooo alive!

Meeting with you all inspires me. You tell me about your passions and what you love about my creations and it makes me want to go and find that extra special fitting, source a particular colour bead, create a new kit.

My busiest months are March and October. And I love them.

Want to know where you can find me? Then check out my 'meet us and buy page'

So, if you are coming to any events that I'm at, make sure you say hi and introduce yourself. You are my inspiration.

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