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Do something today your future self will thank you for

Sometimes we forget to look after our future selves because we are so caught up in the past or here and now.

With the countdown to Christmas started, take a little time out today to do something for your future self.

Here are somethings you can do:

  1. Write a note to your future self. Perhaps reminding yourself how hard things may be now but that you got there or with a suggestion to reward yourself now

  2. Take a moment to indulge a wish you have - choose a new craft and spend 15 minutes googling it and making notes on what you need or where you can go and take a workshop on, then you can plan getting all the things you need or how to save for the workshop

  3. Find that book you wanted to read. If you don't have it can you buy it online? If it's out of print, can you get it on kindle?

  4. Always wanted to try a local restaurant but not had a reason? Give them a ring and book yourself a table. Do they have a tasting menu you can try or buffet session where you can indulge and get to know their menu? Go on your own with a book or invite a friend you haven't seen for a while/

  5. Book some me time for after Christmas. Contact your local spa and see if they are doing any new year packages; there is nothing more indulgent than a 45 minute facial and neck massage.

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