Here is something I never thought I'd be writing but today, 25th March, 2020 I have taken the decision to suspend my etui coterie online shop until this is all over.  You can still browse the shop but you can't check out.

I know that many of you may want to shop on line to relieve being at home but I wanted to think about everyone in doing this.

By putting my little shop on hold, I'm not going out unnecessarily, I'm not asking the post office people to have contact with me, I'm not taking up capacity in the postal sytem which could be use for essential things like medicines, I'm not asking our postal workers to make unneccssary trips to people's home.

As soon as restrictions are lifted, I will reopen my shop and send out a discount voucher to everyone on my mailing list - so don't forget to sign up.

I have an important message for all of you out there, you are allowed now to use that special fabric, yarn or pattern that you have been saving.  This is the emergency that you have een waiting for.

In the meantime, keep safe, keep healthy.