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Can we talk about Christmas?

Yes I know, it's that C word. Christmas. But if you are intending on making presents for the people that you love, it's never too early to start thinking about getting all the things that you need to create your wonderful ... well ... creations.

Maybe you want to make Christmas cards for all the people that you love?

Perhaps a little Christmas Decoration that can be used each year on the card?

Yes, that was the year I made 14 of these little jewels from the patterns of the wonderful Christine Springett in her book, Christmas Collection.

Each on little decoration takes an evening for me to make so you can understand why I started making them in September so I could catch the Christmas last posting dates!

Then there are the presents.

My Seven Wives of St Ives bracelets are quick to make and the colours and textures make them very, very tactile.

Using only seven strands of cord, they are flexible and can be made in less than an hour. It just might take you longer to choose the right colour inspirations and pattern than to make the bracelet!

Secret Santa?

We have a wonderful range of badges and broaches that are just perfect for your secret santa as they all come in under a fiver!

Have a maker in your life? Then our maker badge is just the thing.

So, get your craft on and start your Christmas makes.

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