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lacemaking with Rothwell Bobbins and etui coterie

Liz has been making lace for over 30 years.  You can join her at her home for a workshop or book her to come to you at your group or craft shop.

Teaching in groups of between 6 - 8, Liz makes every session feel like it's a 1:1 session.

You can bring your own equipment or Liz will provide everything for the beginner to use.

Have a lace goal you want to reach? 


Liz will work with you to plan your own bespoke lesson plan so that you can build up your techniques and gain the skills to work on a specific pattern or lace style.

  • Day Sessions with Rothwell Bobbins cost £7.50 per person with tea and coffee provided

  • Group Sessions at your venue from £60 plus travelling.

Even if you have never made lace, you can learn, from scratch in just 6 - 8 hours.  Based in central Rothwell, Northamptonshire, we meet in a light and airy venue with off road parking.  


Rothwell Bobbins is aimed at new and existing lacemakers and tuition is available for any level.  Meets are held at weekends and occasional week days to make access to lacemaking as easy as possible.

Learn to make lace in a day at the fibreworks.  Liz has been holding lessons at the fibreworks now for a number of years and has regular classes through out the year.

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