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What shall we make today?

Updated: May 25, 2018

When creativity kicks in you want make something there and then so why not treat yourself to one of our unique braiding kits to have ready for that moment.

Our 7 wives of St Ives kits are based on a traditional English 7 strand plait which has it's origins in the the plaits that were made for the straw hat industry. Whether or not you are new or experienced in braiding or kumihimo, the 7 strand braid is a great way to quickly make something special. Everything you need to make the kit is included except the glue. You get all the beads, the foam disk, cords, findings and instructions.

Our seven wives kit comes in three version - pip based, long magatama based and flower based.  Here at etui coterie we have taken our colour choices from the things we love and surround us.

The flower beads have been around for decades but last year, the final remaining manufacturer has stopped production. We rushed out and bought their remaining stock but when they are gone, they are gone.

Our flower designs are limited editions. Once they are gone they are gone for ever.

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