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Working with Pip Beads in braiding

Pip beads are a great way of introducing shape and texture to you kumihimo beaded braids.

Pip beads often have varying sized holes so in order to string them on your S-Lon cord you need a little patience and some super glue.

Seven Wives and pip beads

We have found that smearing a small drop of super glue onto the end of your cord about 1½” / 3cm.

Then cut the end of the cord at an angle / slant so it resembles a needle point. You can now thread the pip beads on with a solid part of the S-Lon to hold onto. You may need to try the pips from one side or the other as often one side of the hole is a little larger.

After a while you will find that the sold end of the cord will start to lose it’s firmness. Apply a little more super glue and trim at an angle again.

So, why don’t we just supply a thinner cord? Because the cord thickness allows the pip beads to start proud of your braid. If we used a thinner cord the beads would flop about and not sit as well.

We know it can be a little repetitive having to glue and trim but it will be worth it.

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