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My Fantasy Sewing Kit

We all know about fantasy sports leagues well here is my take - the fantasy sewing box.

If you could have anything in your sewing box (remember this is a fantasy sewing box so it is like Mary Poppins’ bag - enormous) then what would you have?


Needle book with selection of needles - this one I made when I was about 14 from antique patches from the 30s.

Thread magic with beaded cover - thread magic is a thread conditioner and I made the cover using peyote stitch. The pattern is adapted from a pattern by Jane Keech which you can download from Spoilt Rotten Beads. The suggestion is to attached the cover with tape so you can change out the base but it just isn’t fixing well so I’m going to glue it to the thread heaven. Then when I finish the pot I’ll just make another one.

bees wax

I use bees wax for natural fibres like silk as it seems to work so well with it. Whilst a block of bees wax can seem expensive it lasts a lifetime (I'm still using a piece I bought in 1988 for lacemaking) so a little goes a very long way.

Tacking threads

You know that spool of thread that you bought that was never the right colour? I keep that for tacking as, yes I'm a little mean and don't want to throw it away but also because a bright colour shows up on virtually any fabric you need to tack.

tape with home made cover - this has a snippet from a WWI silk postcard. I was given a number of silks that a kind elderly relative had decided to wash and so were a little worse for wear. This was a fragment in amongst the silks so in order to remember them, the sad tale of their brother who sent these postcards, killed later in WWII when his prisoner of war ship was accidentally bombed and for my mother who had a favourite broach of a thistle with a small amethyst in it for the flower.

Tailor's chalk

marking pencils and pencil sharpener


Un-picker / seam ripper and Stiletto. These came from Golden Hinde and have pewter handles. I have also made stilettos myself and one of the most important things with them is to get the weighting correct - having these pewter handles makes them well balanced. I bought these at Gold Work workshop arranged by the Guild of Saint Claire. Part of my reason for collating my fantasy sewing kit is that I am attending a three day retreat with the guild in Feb 2017. Alison Tolson on etsy also stock beautiful pewter handled sewing sets.

A small ruler

A pair of glasses, so that I don't have to remember them separately!!

small notebook & pen for notes

Pin Cushion - first of many. This is one of my ring pin cushions that you can pop on your middle or first finger whilst sewing.

cutters and scissors

scissors with fob

thread roll

thimble plus fob - This is my thimble fob that I made a number of years ago along with the thimble that DH bought me for Xmas this year.

Thread catchers - These lovely little thread catchers have pockets at the sides to pop your stilettos and seam rippers into.

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