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How I started

Back in 2015, I underwent a family bereavement and threw myself into my creating.

After a week, I had created more things than I could possibly make use of and a friend suggested that perhaps we should have a stall at a lace day, just a few months away and sold some of the things that we had made over the past couple of months.

That first stall looked more like a jumble sale table than a proper craft table but I felt so proud of what I had done.

You can see that the table was covered with an old table cloth of mine and that everything is on the same level and kind of looks as though it's been thrown on the table. However, the things we were making were beautiful and people were really taken with what we were offering.

From hand made clutch bags, to kumihimo kits, stitch markers and my personal favourite, the tea bag wallet, I had started something that was going to get bigger and bigger.

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